semAbsence manages all kind of employee absence with a authorizing module


  • Online Absence Management Tool for employees/teams
  • Integrated Cloud Office
  • No Installation required
  • No Download required
  • Browser and Desktop Mode
  • Modern UI like Office 2010
  • Access everywhere


semAbsence manages all kind of employee absence with a authorizing module.

Web Cloud Absence Management Profit from a simple and centralized management of your employee’s absence. semAbsenceManager offers simple and efficient management of absence times for companies. Whether your business is small, medium sized or a large scale enterprise, wether it is centrally or globally distributed, semAbsenceManager is suitable for all business sizes and can be implemented worldwide immediately. By managing absence times, vacations and sick days can be digitally your efforts for processing, evaluation and authorization procedures can be reduced by 66%. Managers and employees dealing with human resources profit from easy and centralized access, thus having a constant overview of the company‘s utilized capacities. semAbsence is part of the semYOU-Cloud-Office and can be used directly with other Enterprise APPS from semYOU. Additional, a full user and group management is included for managing users from teams or the whole company. All semYOU APPS could be used as a local desktop link which brings the cloud directly on your desktop. The application could be used like a "normal" installed software with features like single sign on etc.

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